The impossible jigsaw puzzles featured in Tatler.

We are very excited to get to feature two of our impossible collection to be a part of Tatler curates with their July issue.
This month's featured jigsaw puzzles include Carnival in print, one of our original 1000 pieces and Tug-of-War, online, one of our newer 500 pieces.



Both offer the ultimate challenge to our impressive puzzlers and a new take on art for those looking to spice up their wall decor. 


Carnival is a fun puzzle to complete, it is vibrant and chaotic, bringing to your table a challenge you won't be able to walk away from. Speaking from experience, you will get addicted to this one and it is worth it for the completed visual.


Tug-of-War, is a challenge but not one to back away from. This is the ultimate puzzle to test your abilities, it may cause a few tantrums along the way but that last piece definitely brings with it a euphoric feeling.

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