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Puzzles designed to be shown off!

Tired of putting puzzles back in the box, stashing them in a cupboard and puzzling when no one was looking? Not any longer!

Our jigsaw puzzles are designed to be shown off, put on display and let everyone know you puzzle… and you’re good because our puzzles aren’t always easy.

  • Love, love love!

    This puzzle is so much fun to do. The colour are vibrant and the pieces have a lovely feel to them.

    Edinburgh Shopper 
  • What a joy!

    Beautiful artwork, a great quality puzzle and just challenging enough to keep me busy but not frustrated.

    The Restless puzzler 
  • Very rewarding,

    Looks wonderful in a frame. Have purchased another artwork to do and gifted one to a friend.

  • Wonderful quality,

    Beautiful designs. Excellent gift. I am framing and hanging as a picture on the wall when finished as a piece of art.

    C. Evans 
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