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Hello Puzzlers!

The Extra-Puzzled Artist

Welcome to our new blog series, featuring the journey of one of our Puzzled Artist team going from a ‘social puzzler’ to a solo puzzler.…who now has the puzzle bug! 

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With a cup of tea and cake

Take it easy

Browse our selection of puzzles for laid back afternoons. Perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea, a slice of cake and some good chat.

Start puzzling..

Do you dare?

The Impossible

Check out our range of impossible puzzles...with exceptional colour schemes.

Start puzzling...

More than just a jigsaw puzzle!

All of our designs begin life as canvas artworks painted by our very own puzzled artists. We created our puzzles to have cool, interesting and beautiful pictures. Turning the puzzle into a work of art itself.

  • Wonderful quality,

    Beautiful designs. Excellent gift. I am framing and hanging as a picture on the wall when finished as a piece of art.

    C. Evans 
  • Very rewarding,

    Looks wonderful in a frame. Have purchased another artwork to do and gifted one to a friend.

  • Love, love love!

    This puzzle is so much fun to do. The colour are vibrant and the pieces have a lovely feel to them.

    Edinburgh Shopper 
  • What a joy!

    Beautiful artwork, a great quality puzzle and just challenging enough to keep me busy but not frustrated.

    The Restless puzzler 
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