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Are you ready to fall in love?

We put together a little quiz to help you find your jigsaw puzzle soulmate.


More than just a jigsaw puzzle!

We create unique Art jigsaw puzzles. Each design begins as a hand painted artwork.We love to use textures and bold colour to create dynamic and captivating jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles unlike any others.

Hello Puzzlers!

The Extra-Puzzled Artist

Welcome to our new blog series, featuring the journey of one of our Puzzled Artist team going from a social-puzzler to solo-puzzler and everything in between.

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  • Love, love love!

    This puzzle is so much fun to do. The colour are vibrant and the pieces have a lovely feel to them.

    Edinburgh Shopper 
  • What a joy!

    Beautiful artwork, a great quality puzzle and just challenging enough to keep me busy but not frustrated.

    The Restless puzzler 
  • Very rewarding,

    Looks wonderful in a frame. Have purchased another artwork to do and gifted one to a friend.

  • Wonderful quality,

    Beautiful designs. Excellent gift. I am framing and hanging as a picture on the wall when finished as a piece of art.

    C. Evans 
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