The Puzzlers

Launched in 2022 with a vision to bring the unique complexity and vibes of our art to the puzzling world, all with a focus on a display worthy result.

We wanted complex and challenging puzzles that retained the beauty and joy we’d found in so many ‘easier’ puzzles. Our collections have difficulties ranging from something for the aspiring rookie to step up their game, all the way to something for ambitious puzzlers who want a challenge they can’t walk away from.


The Puzzles

Our Puzzles are made completely in the UK. 

Made with luxury recycled board.

Unique lustre finish.

1.75mm in thickness.

High quality box with no single use plastic film covering

The Artists

We created our puzzles to have cool, interesting and beautiful pictures. Providing display worthy results was key; we wanted to be able to display or gift the finished puzzle. As puzzlers ourselves we know the joy of completing a puzzle as a solo project or with friends and family and sometimes the thought of putting the puzzle back in the box is heartbreaking (oh we love the drama!). Or of course you can return the puzzle to the box ready for your next face off. It’s entirely up to you.

“We absolutely loved creating the artwork and our puzzles and hope that you have as much fun completing them as we had making them. We are so happy to share some puzzling fun and contribute a little something to the puzzling world we love”