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Electric Squid

Electric Squid

A tantalising treat for puzzle experts!

This aquatic cosmic puzzle will have you deep in thought as you try to solve the mirage of mirroring tentacles.  It is a fun one, try it alone or with friends, challenging enough to keep you hooked but not enough to stop conversation.


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500 pieces

34cm x 48cm completed

Ages 14 years +


Made from 100% recycled blue board.

1,75mm thick.

High quality finish.

No single use plastic film cover

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Customer Reviews

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The Puzzle Queen
Most challenging puzzle I've done in a while

This was probably the most challenging puzzle I've done in a while, but I'll admit it looks harder than it actually is.

The quality was good and I loved the cut and saturation of colour on the pieces. I did have a few false fit's but the slight Gradient did help figure out where they were meant to be.