Our jigsaw puzzles make it into Vanity Fair!

We are delighted to debut our new puzzle 'Papillon de Nuit' in this month's Vanity Fair.
We are thrilled to be featured in Vanity Fair's "A work of Art". We strive to redefine art and jigsaw puzzles, bringing the two worlds together in a new way. We look not to turn art into a jigsaw puzzle but to transform the jigsaw puzzle into art. 
Papillon de Nuit is one of our new limited edition puzzles released this summer. It is bold, provocative, and fun; it will bring you enormous satisfaction and joy with just the right amount of challenge. 
If you fancy pushing your puzzling abilities or are looking for an extraordinary centerpiece for your wall, then, give Papillon de Nuit a go! Either way, you'll be turning heads.
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