Puzzle Point Rewards

We are so excited to announce our Puzzle Points Rewards!

You might be wondering how this works and what the rewards are, look no further we will explain it all here.

Step 1) Sign up! 

At the bottom of our homepage you'll see a purple icon that says 'Rewards' click on the icon and simply enter your email and create a password. Voilà! you are all set to start earning points with us.

Step 2) How to earn:

- When you sign up you will earn 200 welcome points to start you off.

- Every time you place an order with you will earn! for every £1 = 5 points.

- If you follow us on Instagram, @wearethepuzzledartist, you will earn 100 points.

* For those who have previously purchased from us directly, prior to signing up, your points from those purchases will be added automatically.*


Step 3) The Rewards (the most important part):

With 300 points = free shipping

With 500 points = 10% Coupon

With 1000 points = £5 voucher

- With 1500 points £10 voucher


Step 4) Refer a friend:

We love sharing a deal, I mean who doesn't?! So when you next think of someone who might love to give one of our jigsaw puzzles a go, don't miss out.

When you refer a friend they get a £3 off coupon and so do you when they make a purchase!

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