Part Three: The Captain

Our puzzler takes on The Captain in part three of our blog series (get ready for an ocean of nautical puns!) Was it smooth sailing or rough seas for our rookie puzzler? 



“I was enchanted! At first glance though this jigsaw puzzle made me feel like I was a child diving into the deep end without my armbands on. The design, although evocative, had me intimidated to my very core. I really questioned whether I was ready to take on such a challenge as my third puzzle.

Firmly pushing the trepidation aside I started, as I always do, with the border. I found that slowly my mind could break apart the sea of blue into a multitude of ‘different colours’. The brush strokes becoming distinct patterns that I could follow like the jigsaw puzzle was telling me a story, or should I say like landmarks charting a map of the seas for me.

The box image was my beacon throughout this voyage, my trusted first mate steering me in the right direction. Knowing that anytime I felt stuck, I could look there for clear guidance.

This jigsaw puzzle had me geniunely spell-bound, I found myself sitting there at 3am (after the dog had woken me for his 5th toilet break of the night) mesmerised by the design, wanting to fit ‘just one more piece’.

I was astonished that I managed to complete this puzzle within a few weeks. I honestly felt sad when I finished, just as with a good book you just want it to keep going. It was unbelievably satisfying to have finished it but truth be told I was sad to let this one go. The Captain surprised me with how quickly I attuned to it, how much the challenge enticed me rather than scared me and how much it enabled my mind to switch off. 

I like my puzzling to be smooth sailing so the fact that the puzzle was only 500 pieces gave me such comfort and stopped me from getting frustrated or overwhelmed. 

If you don’t have much space, patience or want a challenge but don’t want to daunt yourself, these 500 piece puzzles are fantastic. They really are just the right size to really encourage you to ‘push yourself off the peer’ and set sail on an adventure.
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